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65 — Sunny Foggy San Francisco

My mind spins with sights and smells, colors and characters, images from our whirlwind trip to fair San Francisco.

Union Square. Where else to reunite with friends and family.

Now to head out and see the city.

I confess…I LOVE San Francisco.

Everything about the city is colorful! The locals…

…if cautiously curious.

The buildings…

…the food.

There’s plenty of music…

on every street corner,

And characters abound.

With no dearth of ways to get around.

…whether there are two of you…

or you need a bicycle built for seven!

The “Conference Bike” has its own website!”

Even a busride is full of fun.

As much as I’ve seen the sights before,

this time, I had a list of new things I would do.

First up…


We swung by the ticket office
and were told to our dismay–
Next Trip
July 12.

Hmmm. Guess it does pay to plan ahead. We got to save money by not 😛

This is as close as we got to the infamous island.

Second on the list–
Climb Coit’s Tower.


By the time we got to the bottom of the stairs we’d worn out our legs and energy was selling at a premium we couldn’t afford.

There were things we’d never seen before.
Like a fake alligator all baked of sourdough.

And a real alligator that was albino!

A cable car changing direction, the old fashioned way–
by hand.

We got to see the birthplace of the famous San Francisco sourdough, Boudin’s, where they toss sourdough boules to grasping tourists.

We visited the birthplace of San Francisco itself–
the lovely Mission Dolores.

Simple on the outside.

Elegant on the inside.

Peaceful in the graveyard.

We stood in line to see baby ostriches at the California Academy of Sciences…

and to eat world famous ice cream.

My favorite?

Brown sugar-caramel-ginger-roasted banana!

We learned that green tea cookies taste best in the Japanese Tea Garden.

If you want to ride the cable car–
you need to follow a few rules…

And hold on for dear life!

So as the sun sets, on this dreamy city…

I know I will be back. I’ve got a little list of things that I have yet to see,
and Alcatraz is at the top again.

Not to mention, plenty more food,

and wine!

60–Out of the Tropics, Into the Desert

Watch Out!

You are now entering the desert.
The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

How to get there:
Follow the long and winding road.

Try not to blow away in windy San Gorgonio Pass.

Float by the inland Salton Sea below sea level, saltier than the ocean.


and wind some more…

and–you have arrived in ocotillo paradise and brittlebush heaven!

Reasons to visit:

Frolicking with family and friends is fun!

The log-balancing act

The bend-the-palm feat

The rock-top-pose stunt

The we-made-it-to-Maidenhair Falls smile

And there’s more!
Wildflowers that startle and delight

Vistas that dazzle and inspire

Intriguing locals

shy and

prickly and

curious and


Cavorting Cactus
making flowers while the spring sun shines

Teddy bear Cholla cuddly and soft–NOT!

Barrel Cactus barelling toward the sky

Ocotillo masquerading as cactus

Beavertail Cactus showing off with heartstopping brilliance

Memories carved in stone

There’s nothing like the present for making marvelous memories to look back on in the future. The path not taken calls. I will return.

I hope you’ll join me!