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62–Tuscan Holiday Parte Seconda: Siena

This post is dedicated to my dear friend — Marilyn Donahue.

Her passionate accounts of Siena made it a must-see destination for us. In fact, we made it our hub for other forays into the Tuscan countryside. And aren’t we glad we did!

Siena, as Marilyn promised, makes quite the statement.

On the skyline…,

Siena Cathedral devours the horizon!

…and around every corner.

The Siena Town Hall that looms high over the large town square–Il Campo

Quirkily contemporary…,

They sure are…

…in love with…

…kitschy lights!

…through the ages…,

The ceiling of an inner chapel of the Cathedral.

…and for the future.

Kill the car, Plant a tree!

Common platter…,

It’s clear which nationality tourists this restaurant hopes to attract!

…and haute cuisine…,

Buffalo mozzarella and zucchini flowers stuffed with truffles

that our buddy came down from London to experience. (And you thought he’d come to visit with us. Humph!)


What he thought he was taking:

Too good to forget

What he got. Too bad it wasn’t just desserts.

Popular folk arts and crafts…,

How much is that poppy in the window, the one with the glorious smile?

Candle makers at work and loving it!

…or Renaissance grandeur at its peak.

Fancy lord prancing in a fresco in the Cathedral!

Sometimes that statement needs a little deciphering…,

The sign for tourists at the “panorama” climb from the Museum

Illuminated choir hymnal from the Siena Cathedral Museum.

…while at others, it needs no explanation.

The view of Siena and surrounding hills from aforesaid panorama point that definitely needs its own timeout

Inside Siena’s amazing cathedral

Sometimes the statement is folksy and cozy…,

I love how European restaurants are so welcoming of people and their pets!

…and at other times utterly chilling.

The floors of the Cathedral depict the Slaughter of the Innocents, a strangely popular theme for painting of the time. Dead babies? Ugh. Not my cup of tea. I want them alive and reading my books, thank you very much!

The basilica of San Domenico has the preserved head of Saint Catherine (no kidding, we saw it) the patron saint of Siena and has had it on display for centuries!

At the end of the day with so many statements, all that food…,

Rare pigeon-meat anyone?

…and after all that climbing…,

All ways lead UP to the duomo on the hill

…we were exhilarated, stuffed, and dead beat.

Weary wanderers seek water and wayrest

Though not quite as dead as this guy.

Victim of a cage in the Siena Torture Museum

Thank goodness!

In fact, after a wonderful farm stay we were up and about for another day in Tuscany.

Thank you again, Marilyn! Here’s wishing you a speedy return to sunny Siena ๐Ÿ™‚

P. S. Happy Bastille Day to one and all. May your revolution be successful…and bloodless ๐Ÿ˜›