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63–Under the Roman Sun

I sit at my desk, listening to summer raindrops patter darkly on the leaves outside my window, and my mind wanders to the hot sunny days we spent in Rome last month.

It’s true–all roads do lead to Rome, as this fancy-dress centurion seems happy to point out.

The locals, we found, are very friendly,

delighted to quote you a price for their services,

and, take you for a ride.

Such a good looking people as they are so proud to proclaim,

Though sometimes, “handsome is as handsome does” would leave even the prettiest Roman empress a shade shy of attractive.

Agrippina the younger, empress of Rome, mother of Nero, thought to have poisoned her uncle/husband Claudius and in turn been poisoned by her son.

The bread was plentiful and delicious, the circus–astounding.

The inside of the coliseum with the working underground beneath the stage exposed. These are the passages through which they led animals and gladiators, shifted sets, even had special walkways for VIP guests to get to their seats without having to mingle with the rough and tumble plebs.

And boy did they love their circus. They had time to etch their favorite gladiators in stone, their idea of doodling while they waited for the trapdoors to slide, the stage sets to shift and the next gruesome spectacle to start.

We tended to prefer simpler pleasures, performances of a gentler nature, yet no less spectacular,

or entertaining.

So we gawked at the Forum as we baked in the sun, strolled through the palace of the Vestal Virgins,

The vestal virgins were the only Roman women with rights and privileges approximating those of men.

languished in the beauty of Palatine Hill,

and dreamed of having a Roman villa on high.

We found time to trip down the famous Spanish steps,

stroll by the river,

check out the styles,

hang out with the locals,

take in the fountains, whether famous,

The Trevi Fountain.

so famous they are copied on the other side of the world,

Faux Trevi fountain in Las Vegas.


or downright…strange,

And by the end of the day, we were inspired, overwhelmed, amazed…and thirsty!

A lion-sized thirst,

only quenched with just the right twist of cinammon-scented grappa,

and a wish for a chance to return

for another fun-filled day under the Roman sun.
Hope you will come along 🙂