52 — How to Not-Suck at Writing

Get an editor!

The amazing Arthur A. Levine enlightening attendees of the SCBWI-LA Working Writer’s Retreat, 2009

Not so easy.

I know all about that!

So, despite never having won a lottery, (I even missed out on a door prize I had won because I was in the restroom at the time) I have entered into the drawing for a free substantive edit of a completed manuscript generously being offered by Deborah Halverson at her blog — Dear Editor.

If you’re interested, the deadline is midnight of April 14, so hop to it.

Wish me luck! And, the same to you.

A big thank you to my dear friend Tricia at Talespinning for spreading the word.

8 thoughts on “52 — How to Not-Suck at Writing

    1. rillajaggia Post author

      Yes, Lupe. Always! Hope the photo brought back good memories! And, got you to singing the chorus.

      Of course, I didn’t win the lottery this time either. Oh well.

      Are you coming to Agent’s Day?

  1. Lupe Fernandez

    I went last year and certain participants did not play by the rules. The groups were instructed ask questions about the agent’s work, not pitch projects. But certain law-breakers dominated the group with their pitches.


    1. rillajaggia Post author

      Yeah. People always cheat! And in this instance I think it hurts rather than helps. I wouldn’t want to be the next person used by an agent in their talk at a major conference as an example of what NOT to do 🙂 I’m looking forward to this year’s line-up…as always.

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