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I have the audacity to write for children without having any of my own. What I do have is one of those dreary multicultural backgrounds--I grew up in India and recently moved back to the United States after five years in Sydney, Australia. The resulting crisis of identity infects all of my writing.


No Pets, Please!
Los Angeles Times Kids' Reading Room,
Jan. 25, 2009

Tamarind Rice
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Blue Space Pajamas
Los Angeles Times Kids' Reading Room,
Nov. 11, 2007

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As of January 2009, I assumed the post of editor of Kite Tales, the newsletter for the SCBWI Tri-regions of Southern California.


Sandalwood and Stone
Contemporary YA
Winner of the 2010 SCBWI Mulitcultural WIP Award
Writing Contest, SCBWI-LA Writer's Day 2012, YA, 2nd Place

The Initiate's Daughter
Middle Grade Fantasy
Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop for Fantasy 2010

March 21st, 2011 Brazil | TravelRant

59--Food, Fruit, and Flowers Among Friends

Abadiania, Brazil.

An hour and a half from Brasilia, the capital, is a little town where horses still pull carts.

Where the food is heavenly,

and elixirs aplenty–
Acai pulp with passion fruit,

or a cool coconut in a quiet moment shared by a groom and bride.

Where the views are expansive,

the flowers flamboyant,

And the fruit literally drips from the trees.

Tart Passion fruit

Buttery Avocados

Scented Jackfruit

Faces are friendly,

Places inviting,

and a hammock is never too far.

So, though some things may seem strange and exotic,

this is a place to sit back,


curl up and dream of vacations to come filled with food, fruit, and flowers among friends. Boa Noite!

Many Dreamy Vacations to you!

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