59–Food, Fruit, and Flowers Among Friends

Abadiania, Brazil.

An hour and a half from Brasilia, the capital, is a little town where horses still pull carts.

Where the food is heavenly,

and elixirs aplenty–
Acai pulp with passion fruit,

or a cool coconut in a quiet moment shared by a groom and bride.

Where the views are expansive,

the flowers flamboyant,

And the fruit literally drips from the trees.

Tart Passion fruit

Buttery Avocados

Scented Jackfruit

Faces are friendly,

Places inviting,

and a hammock is never too far.

So, though some things may seem strange and exotic,

this is a place to sit back,


curl up and dream of vacations to come filled with food, fruit, and flowers among friends. Boa Noite!

Many Dreamy Vacations to you!

22 thoughts on “59–Food, Fruit, and Flowers Among Friends

  1. Maria Toth

    A few nights ago, I dreamt of trees dripping with fruit. One tree had these huge purple figs. One floated to the ground and burst open, revealing inside its luscious green fruit that looked like giant grapes. I thought it was a strange dream and wondered why did I dream of fruit? Ah, now I know why, my dream must have tapped into your reality! Your pics are exotic and wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Annie

    What a beautiful place to visit! The flowers look gorgeous. I love fresh fruit, esp. exotic types. In Costa Rica, the zillion types of fruit juices were heavenly. Bet you enjoyed the same thing. Isn’t it wonderful to discover a place that makes you feel homesick for it when you look at your photos?

    1. rillajaggia Post author

      Guava, passion fruit, mango, acai, pineapple, acerola…even mixed with chocolate! I thought I’d try a different one each day. I ended up eating acai pudding over and over and over. I hear you can order some online!

  3. C. Sonberg Larson

    What a treat for the senses. Colorful bouquets, sweet smells and the sound of laughter. A wonderful place. Thank you for sharing your pics, Rilla.

  4. LynNerd

    Looks like paradise, Rilla. I especially love the photos of the exotic flowers. And mango nectar, mango slices, mango, mango, mango! I’m cuckoo for mangos! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

    1. rillajaggia Post author

      That’s hilarious, LynNerd. They had watermelon at every meal too, along with avocados. Too bad I’m allergic to watermelon, it looked luscious!

  5. LynNerd

    Mmmmmm! Sounds like paradise to me. I love avocados, too. I never heard of anyone that’s allergic to watermelon. That’s too bad, Rilla, worse than apples! I’m allergic to citrus fruits, cantelope, honeydew. But mangos, watermelon, and avocados, bring ’em on! And I hear the acai berries are one of the healthiest things you can eat. Do they taste good?

    1. rillajaggia Post author

      Allergic to citrus! Wow. That’s worse than apples, especially here in the citrus capital πŸ™ The acai taste yummy, especially when combined with honey and cashew nuts and oats and passionfruit and ice and blended into a chilly, smooth, purple puree topped with banana slices!


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