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58–On the Road Again! Continent # 6 South America

Brasilia! The capital in all its modern glory.

The Parliament buildings–the dome on the left signifies order and the dish on the right is for progress, the two ideals mentioned on the Brazilian flag.

Guards in front of the government building in all their dashing finery.

The National Library

What I call the blue church. Some ridiculous number of shades of blue are incorporated into the stained glass walls resulting in a cool and calming space that is breathtaking.

The Blue Church chandelier presented to the church.

The national museum in the foreground with the Catedral behind in the town center.

The Catedral up close.

The breathtaking interior of the cathedral.

Inside the Catedral was a revelation. The glass walls/ceiling made for a brilliant bright space that made me feel I was outdoors and yet enclosed in an air bubble.

Time for a cool refreshment! Coconut nectar, yumm.

And here are a few friends I’ve made in my short sojourn.